Build Your Own DTF Gang Sheet


Build your own Gang Sheet

Print High-Quality Designs with Ease Using Our DTF Gang Sheet

Our DTF (Direct to Film) gang sheet, measuring 22'' in width and up to 144'' in length, is fully customizable to showcase your unique graphics. Utilize our integrated gang sheet builder to meet all your DTF printing needs with precision.


  • Submit PDF or PNG files with a minimum resolution of 300DPI. PDF files are preferred for a better color profile.
  • Save your artwork in CMYK formatting for best color matching
  • Note: Low-quality images may result in blurry prints. We do not offer reprints for sheets printed with low-resolution graphics.

Processing Time:

  • Orders are processed within 2-5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). Please consider this turnaround time when placing your orders.

How to Press:

  1. Prepress Garment: Preheat the garment to lay fibers flat and eliminate moisture.
  2. Press Transfers: Use a heat press at 330 degrees with medium pressure for 15 seconds.
    • Note: At higher altitudes, reduce temperature (290-330 degrees) and time (10-15 seconds). Testing is recommended for your specific location. We provide small test transfers for practice.
  3. Peel Film: After pressing, wait 10 seconds, then test a corner of the film. The film should be peeled when warm, not hot. If the film lifts, press it down with fingers and wait a few seconds before trying again. The transfer sheet should peel off smoothly, leaving the design intact.
  4. Soften the Design: For a softer finish, cover the design with a clean T-shirt and press again for a few seconds.

Enjoy creating stunning, high-quality prints with our DTF gang sheet – designed for both efficiency and excellence!