Colorful Reusable Straws



This listing is for a reusable replacement straw for our skinny tumblers and water bottles. It can be used with our 20 and 30oz tumblers as well as our tall Skinny Printed Tumblers. They are approximately 10” long.

Some also like to use the straw with their 34oz Motivational Water Bottles, but please keep in mind you must have the cap off to do so. See the photo in the listing for example.

Made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic, they are durable, safe to drink from and reusable so you can do your part in reducing the use of single use plastics. They come in multiple colors. When choosing the color reference, the main photo as they are in order from left to right in the drop down (top to bottom).

See color swatch photo in listing for correct color options.

***Please note as we transition to a new straw, depending on stock and color, some of them do not have the stopper on the bottom.