Universal Frost Buddy XL



Ensure your beverage stays frosty for hours, no matter the situation!

Crafted with a double-walled stainless steel lid and silicone material, this Universal Frost Buddy XL is the perfect fit for 12oz through 24oz cans and bottles.

This including 12oz cans, slim cans, bottles, stubby bottles, Coors Light cans, Smirnoff Ice bottles (11.2oz), 16oz cans, bottles, Sparkling Ice bottles, 16.9oz bottles, 20oz bottles, 24oz cans, and Modelo bottles. 

Its dimensions of 7.2” x 3.5 x 3.2” and weight of 11oz make it ideal for any drink on-the-go.

This item is typically sold without any designs, but if you want one of our unique prints or engravings, please let us know in the notes section and include your contact information just in case we have any questions.